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Take Advantage of FPL’s Reflective Roof Incentive

FPL Reflexive Roof Incentive Program CoverRoofing is vital in any type of building, whether it is a home or a business. Your roof provides protection and gives you a safe haven from the elements. Different types of roofing material exist, some very good and others below standards. A reflexive roof, however, continues to gain in popularity as its advantages in energy saving continue to be felt. Florida Power and Light has instigated a roof saving program to combat the high rise in energy bills. The program focuses on energy-efficient roofing solutions by use of reflective roofs.

The program involves independent contractors who offer advice to residents and explain the roofing process to them. The reflexive roofing materials are then inspected to ensure they comply with the standards of ENERGY STAR®, the leading roof inspector. Qualifying materials are then sorted out before the work on your roof begins. Through this program, residents are encouraged to embrace energy-saving roofing reap the benefits of a reflective roof.

There are various roof materials that can be used to coat a reflexive roof. The type of coating varies in strength and is determined by the roof surface. Shingles and asphalt also benefit from reflexive coating materials. A roofer should be able to advice you accordingly on the different application techniques such as spraying and brushing and the different coats used. High solar reflectors are preferred to provide maximum benefits from the roofing.

The foremost benefit of a reflective roof is energy saving. Dark roofing materials are prone to increasing room temperatures, thus, overworking the cooling system. A reflexive roof, on the other hand, works to reduce the heat and cold. It works to minimize the cost of insulation and effectively reduces the cost of air conditioning. The roof coating ensures you are protected against natural elements, physical damage, infrared and also ultraviolet rays. A good roof coating prevents leakage and adds service life to the building’s roof. It also aids in environmental protection due to the reduction of discarded roofing material filling up landfills.

Residents of Fort Lauderdale do well to take advantage of the FPL program. A commercial roofer is well trained in the application of reflexive roofs. A roofer specializes in roofing services including installing new roofs, re-roofing and restoration services. A professional contractor works with you starting with a free roof inspection to decide the extent of your needs and explain to you the use of roofing systems that will be employed for your building and the procedure required.

Energy analysis is vital when deciding on roofing materials. This ensures you save on insurance and cut costs through comparison. It is also important to become well versed in preventive maintenance to minimize long term costs. The repair and emergency services offered by roofers also comes in handy in roofing situations. In the roofing business, the roofing company counts just as much as the products used for the actual roofing. You need a top notch company to ensure quality and satisfaction.

This is where Globing Roofing comes in. Global Roofing prides in its roofing solutions as it serves numerous clients in Florida. It is based in Fort Lauderdale and has vast experience of over twenty years in the roofing business. Its founder member, Mike Reut, continues to lead an excellent team of experts and impart his own knowledge and experience in all facets of roofing to the company.

Global Roofing takes its work very seriously. It employs professionals and offers emergency services at all hours. Its expertise in different types of roofing buildings earned it a five-star from the South Florida Business Journal. As an active member of South Florida Business Alliance, Global Roofing keeps up-to-date with the advancing technology and ensures its equipment and materials are of top quality.

When you are in need of roof repairs or new roof installation, Global Roofing is the place to go. Expert roofers are on call to provide roofing services and offer affordable estimates. The length of your building does not matter as the company comes equipped with cranes for taller buildings. Professionalism is what Global Roofing stands for.